77 minutes | Jul 2, 2021

Insights Per Minute- Shopify is subsidizing R&D with its App Developers

The Multiverse is Real “Brands are like cows because it’s very easy for them to understand how things affect them, but it's very hard to see how things in the world affect others.” -BrianTechnology can act as a containing—or limiting—factor. It can enable cost savings, but it can also be an enabler of more meaningful interactions.Shopify is looking to the future as a global empowerment of a merchant classDigital channels for legacy retailers boomed during the pandemic. Why? Default behaviors are latent. We will always regress to defaults, especially in a retail context. Best Buy is a great example of this; as are Lowes and Home Depot. Digital success was bolstered by physical defaults.For the first time in a decade, eCommerce is facing headwinds. Why? Because traditional brick and mortar retailers are experiencing tailwinds due to reopening. The roaring twenties will prove to be difficult for eCommerce businesses.Where is luxury headed? Luxury is the silence of money and not constantly being barraged with ads.Associated Links:Check out Brian’s Insiders piece: How Now Brand Cow: On Operational Efficiency in Ecommerce TechSubscribe to InsidersListen to our other episodes of Future Commerce!Our mini-series, Step by StepOur sister podcast, Stairway to CEO! Have any questions or comments about the show? Let us know on Futurecommerce.fm, or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We love hearing from our listeners!
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