53 minutes | May 14, 2021

For The Love of Content Creation - feat. Aja Singer, Brand and Strategy Consultant and Creator of For The Love

Content Creation and Open-Ended Conversations
  • For the Love is a DTC newsletter covering mission-driven companies and aims to provide meaningful content for entrepreneurs and founders.
  • The trio shares the joys and pains of producing weekly content and how that informs their own understanding of the market.
  • Creating content is a means of learning and growing, and developing a cadence that requires you to get better over time.
  • “I don't think of myself as the authority on all of these topics. I am trying to learn about them. And so I'm having these conversations and trying to convey that as best I can.” - Aja
  • There is a lot of good conversation and community building happening in the DTC media world, but there is still so much room to grow in providing spaces for diverse voices to provide their perspectives. For The Love seeks to have conversations with founders about the things that help to build a more charitable and equitable brand community.
  • Aja aims to invite open-ended conversations from those she interviews to make deeper, more tactical information more readily available.
  • “Something needs to be meaningfully different to be relevant” - Aja
  • On innovation in DTC companies: “Can we provide premium product to people without a premium price tag? And I think that was the original intention of direct to consumer.” - Aja
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