80 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

Episode 18 - Three Shy of a Minyan (with trigger warning)

1. Iceman #1, December 1984Bobby DrakeFirst appearance: X-Men #1 (Sep 1963)Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby2. Arsenic -Gertrude YorkesX-Men/Runaways (FCBD), May 2006 - art by Skottie Young3. Mettle Avengers Academy #5, October 20104. Sasquatch The Infinity Crusade #1, June 19935. WiccanUncanny X-Men #526 (July 2010) (Allan Heinberg)Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (November 2010)New Avengers (Vol. 4) #3 (Nov 2015) (Al Ewing)6. Doc SamsonIncredible Hulk #143, September 1971“Sanctuary!”Written by Roy ThomasPenciled by Dick Ayers Inked by John SeverinLettered by Sam RosenEdited by Stan LeeIncredible Hulk #373, September 1990“Mending Fences”Written by Peter DavidPenciled by Dale Keown Inked by Sam de la RosaColored by Glynis OliverLettered by Joe RosenEdited by Bobbie ChaseMarvel Holiday Special 1992, January 1993“Revisionist History”Written by Peter DavidPenciled by John HebertInked by Mike DecarloColored by Glynis OliverLettered by Brady JoyceEdited by Renee Witterstaetter7. White Tiger - Casper KoleBlack Panther Vol. 3 #56, May 2003 “Black and White Part 6: Ol’ Boy Enters the Life”Written by Christopher PriestPenciled by Jim CalafioreInked by Mark McKennaColored by Jennifer SchellingerLettered by Paul TutroneEdited by Mike Marts 
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