60 minutes | Apr 5th 2021

Possibly a Nora Ephron Musical - Musicians Matt Aument and John Coons

The gang's back with Season 3! Dresden possibly has green hair, and shares some very personal experiences with Covid-19 from the perspective of her and her family, Elsie debuts a new Yum or Yuck with a kind of taro reading, Dresden reveals a moment involving Eddie Money and an unfortunate gigantic bag of weed, and a round of the hilarious improv game Mish Mosh Mix doesn't go well for everyone (though Dresden sings about the similarities and differences between the moon, giraffes, and hippos, and Elsie gives her best Vanilla Ice impression). And Matt and John, who are boyfriends, share how they met - a meet-cute that would make Nora Ephron jealous. Plus, Musicians and boyfriends Matt Aument and John Coons tell the story of how they began collaborating and writing their particular brand of twisted, classy musical comedy, share a song, and reveal  how they met - a meet-cute that would make Nora Ephron jealous.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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