52 minutes | Nov 6, 2019

Computer Blue: Prince's Online Legacy

What does it mean to be on the receiving end of a Prince direct message?This week on Function, Anil takes us through Prince’s complicated relationship with technology through his eyes and the eyes of super fans Jay Smooth, social commentator and former host of WBAI's Underground Railroad; and Andrea Swensson, host and writer at Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current, where she helms The Local Show, a weekly show dedicated to exploring the Minnesota music scene.From being summoned to Paisley Park to being part of early crowdfunding and subscriber based models pioneered by Prince; we learn what it felt like to build a relationship with Prince online a decade before social media made artists accessible to fans.As Prince's relationship with technology evolved, he worked hard to control his image often times butting heads with his fans and record labels.***Check out Anil's guest episode with Switched on Pop where he talked more in-depth about the ways technology influenced Prince's music. *** Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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