59 minutes | Dec 18th 2019

Episode 5. Hacking the Biosphere (w/Martin Tobias)

On the show today I welcome Martin Tobias. Recognized as a renowned serial

entrepreneur and venture capitalist, he currently focuses on the emerging

intersection of health care, technology, fitness, and the transformation economy.

Martin is the CEO of Upgrade Labs that combines real data, insights, and

leading-edge technology with trained experts to help all humans create radical

improvements in physical and cognitive performance. Sounds pretty incredible

right? But what if I told you that this revolutionary concept was birthed from him

going through one of the most devastating experiences of his life. Months after

his first company went public, Martin found himself paralyzed on his couch in a

massive, deep-depression. He went to sleep a successful CEO and awoke days

later to being a mental health patient with no recollection of time passing. This

incident launched him into a deep dive of our mental health care system and how

we treat the mentally ill in our society. Find out what happens when a tech giant

brings innovative, Silicon Valley style disruption into an outdated Health Industry.

The results will blow your mind…This is FULLY ALIVE!

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