89 minutes | Sep 12, 2022

#35: Addiction, Sobriety, and Disordered Eating: An Interview With Abbie & Her Husband

It’s a husband episode! Abbie and her husband Jeb are interviewed about how they have navigated, and continue to navigate, their relationship with Jeb being a recovering addict and Abbie having recovered from an eating disorder.

This episode is full of helpful thoughts and tips for anyone who is in a relationship or friendship where mental health is central to the partnership (so, all of us!). 

We discuss: 

  • Jeb’s story with addiction and how he got sober

  • How Abbie and Jeb met and what dating looked like

  • How they support one another when they have very different personalities

  • What they have learned from each other about mental health

  • The similarities and differences between addiction and eating disorders

  • Genetic factors and environmental factors for both

  • How to approach a friend who is struggling

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