47 minutes | Aug 8, 2022

#30: Q&A - Diet Culture Boundaries & Getting Weighed at the Doctor’s Office

In this episode, we’re answering two listener questions about general boundaries around diet culture talk and specific boundaries at the doctor’s office.

1) "Can you recommend strategies for handling constant diet culture talk at the office, social events, with family, etc.? l literally don’t know a single person who isn’t fully engulfed in this, and many very vocally so, and so if I gracefully excluded myself from every conversation, I’d never be able to talk to anyone."

2) "What about strategies for handling doctors weight loss advice and/or an absolute insistence that you get weighed, and handling the guilting and shaming if you manage to refuse?"

Resource from Ragen Chastain for navigating weight conversations at the doctor: https://danceswithfat.org/2013/04/01/what-to-say-at-the-doctors-office/ 

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