62 minutes | Apr 11, 2022

#14: Body Acceptance Beyond the Thin Ideal with Kelsie Jepsen

Body acceptance coach Kelsie Jepsen joins us for this incredible episode exploring body image healing beyond the thin ideal. We talk about her journey to becoming a fat activist, and why she feels so passionately about the work she does now.

Kelsie walks through practical steps to approaching body image disruptions, how important it is to fully participate in your life in the body you have, and much more. We hope you love this one as much as we loved recording it!

Resources mentioned: “More Than A Body” by Lexie Kite and Lindsay Kite

Kelsie’s website: https://embodyloveworkshop.com/

Kelsie’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/iamkelsiejepsen/

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