62 minutes | Dec 11th 2020

12/10/20 - Case Jernigan x FKWs "My friend told me my paper cutouts need to be moving. That was the catalyst."

He’s an artist, and we were drawn to his work in animation and lightboxes, specifically regarding soccer. He’s worked with UEFA adidas, Chelsea FC, MLS just to name a few, welcome Case! We talk about his recent collaborative projects, and what makes him a soccer fan. Follow his work @wcjern and @off-footWe follow things up hot soccer chisme tea to keep you warm, baby girls. Case joined in on our degeneracy Not cool moment of the week: Racism in PSG v. Istanbul champions league match. Very not cool. Across the pond we got Premier League talk. Andrea is still reeling from the North London Derby victory.  We go over the rest of the weekend fixtures. Champions League midweek talk! La Liga/Bundesliga/Serie A/Ligue 1 all to boot. In our own Backyard: MLS Cup final this weekend. Steven might tune in; Andrea might not.Female Intended Play: USWNT players in Europe (Alex Morgan scored her first goal for Spurs!) and Andrea gives us a recap of the Women in Soccer launch event!Stay safe out there FKWs and remember you've got subs if you need 'em!...wear a mask and get the vaccine ffs :)
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