35 minutes | Oct 14th 2020

10/14/20 - "CR7 got that Rona -- uh, yeah -- if Trump can survive it in 3 days he'll probably be running half marathons during his treatments. Rona is no match for his white blood cells."

Co-host Andrea and Sound Engineer Niall are back home! We connect via Skype for a socially distant, full collab!We're coming at ya with a mini-sode this week because of International break (it's dumb except for South American World Cup Qualifiers). First and foremost, we hit you with the hot goss. That never takes a break. Some big news out of England with some radical league reform. CR7 got that rona and more...In our own backyard: MLS results from the weekend; Crazy scheduling conflicts amongst clubs and national teams due to Covid. MLS Reserve League again?!NWSL Fall Series and FA Women's Super League talk from the weekend. New and announcement from over the weekend.Stay safe out there FKWs and remember you've got subs if you need 'em!...and wear a mask ffs. Oh, and to our American listeners, register to vote! :)
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