40 minutes | Jan 12th 2021

1/12/21 - "Coming to you live from a "Kum 'n' Go" gas station with the latest Soccer goss and news!.. Niall, go fetch me my chai latte!"

Happy New Year, everyone! The Full Kit Wankers connect  via Skype for another socially distant weekly episode! Co-host, Andrea, and Sound Engineer, Niall, are on the road again somewhere off Route 80 while Steven sits comfortably at his corporate office. 🚨 New Schedule Announcement: We're going to be putting out episodes on Tuesday this 2021, year of the coup, to give your soccer fix early on in the week!As per usual, we got hot soccer chisme tea to keep you warm, baby girls. January transfer window is open. What can we expect?Not cool moment of the week: Covid spikes in Europe, notably England. Should the season come to a halt?Across the pond we got Premier League talk.  We go over the rest of the weekend fixtures. Champions League midweek! La Liga/Bundesliga/Serie A/Ligue 1 roundups!In our own Backyard: The dismantling of our democracy 😬 Female Intended Play: NWSL Draft later this week. 2021 draft comes with new rules and requirements.Stay safe out there FKWs and remember you've got subs if you need 'em!...wear a mask and get the vaccine ffs. PS5 update: Steven secured the bag. Suck on that scalpers!
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