46 minutes | Sep 23rd 2020

09/23/20 - "Last week's episode was received with a lot of aplomb -- it was. Also this is Season 3, episode 1 of the pod because reasons."

Co-host Andrea and Sound Engineer Niall are back on the road on their voyage back to the Big Apple. Steve connect via Skype to kickoff season 3 of the pod.

We dive headfirst into the steaming pile transfer rumors this month. We're nearing the end of the Summer transfer window and have seen some obvious deals take place (#BaleIsBack), while some others are still developing. And we close it things out with the "Not so cool" moment of the week: Leyton Orient with 18 positive COVID results. Yikes.

Premier league delivered exciting matches over the weekend. La Liga and Ligue 1 are a dub thus far. Bundesliga gave us a 8-0 thriller from the goal machine, Bayern Munich.

MLS released their schedule for the remainder Fall season. Logistics are all over the place from broadcasters to "home field" advantage. Steven continues to chimes the NISA Fall Championship for you hipsters out there. Brief talk of Copa Libertadores.

NWSL Fall Series and FA Women's Super League talk from the weekend. Also, Euro Women qualification. Stay safe out there FKWs and remember you've got subs if you need 'em!...and wear a mask ffs :) 

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