48 minutes | Sep 16th 2020

09/16/20 - "It's hard to put up content every week. Especially when you're Summer vibing in a pandemic. But here we are!"

Premier league is back baby and so are we! So is La Liga and Ligue 1 if you're into that. Not to mention Bundesliga and Serie A on deck this coming weekend.

We dive headfirst into the steaming pile transfer rumors this month. We got some wild ones that may or may not happen. Decide for yourself. And we close it things out with the "Not so cool" moment of the week: PSG-Marseille brawl! 5 red cards, fam.

Week one of the premier league is in the books. Some spicy results, notably a 4-3 thriller at Anfield. And some lackluster one's like Spurs 0-1 Everton. We touch on La Liga and Ligue 1 from over the weekend to round out Top 5 in Europe.

Back home we have some news on US internationals, New clubs emerging, established clubs elevating their profile. Did you know MLS is not 10-11 games in? Neither did we. Steven chimes in on NISA Fall season for you hipsters out there.

Keep an eye on the FA Women's Super League this season. Stay safe out there FKWs and remember you've got subs if you need 'em!...and wear a mask ffs :) 

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