46 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

CPK Menu Make My Toes Tremble and Blush

CPK Is Trying To Run These Streets California Pizza Kitchen (aka CPK) is not playing around. They're after these corners and these streets. When you take a look at their menu and see the territory they want, oh baby, so other players are not going to be pleased. Panera Bread and P. F. Chang are going to have words, and it might come to throwing hands. But CPK ain't no punk, so the rumble shall be quite interesting. Did you enjoy our coverage of the Pessimism Bias? Check out the site yourbias.is. Brian Durkin is on Twitter and Instagram. Full Belly Laughs is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. To make sure you never miss an episode, join our mailing list. If you enjoyed this content, please consider writing a review on the FBL Facebook Page. It really helps the show reach new people. If you would like to financially support the podcast, please consider donating. All of our content is ad free thanks to donors. Your contribution will help keep it that way, and unlock exciting opportunities for more content. Learn more about how much it costs to make this podcast, or donate to FBL now. This episode was originally published on Full Belly Laughs at https://fullbellylaughs.com/podcast/california-pizza-kitchen-menu-review.
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