40 minutes | Jul 17th 2019

Episode 26: Finding Little-Known Funding Sources for Your Business, with Kedma Ough

Kedma Ough is a “small business superhero,” who has worked with over ten thousand entrepreneurs and small business leaders in the last two decades, helping them to attain capital and resources to grow their businesses. Kedma is also the author of the new book Target Funding: A Proven System to Get the Money and Resources You Need to Start or Grow Your Business. She is a fifth-generation entrepreneur and small business funding expert who believes in breaking down barriers and leveling the playing field for small businesses and fellow entrepreneurs.

What You Will Learn:

  • Kedma discusses her fascination with money and entrepreneurship starting at a young age, and she shares how her grandmother, an entrepreneur in Ireland, inspired her as the ideal role model of a strong businesswoman.
  • Kedma shares about her first foray as an entrepreneur when she decided to start a bed and breakfast spa. She shares how being denied a business loan at the bank served as strong motivation to succeed.
  • Kedma discusses her work as a business consultant and “small business superhero”. She shares why she works to elevate opportunities for entrepreneurs through every aspect of the business world and even works to improve business legislation.
  • Kedma shares how her divorce led to filing bankruptcy, and she discusses the emotional crisis she experienced realizing that her bankruptcy was limiting her financial options. She talks about how she extracted herself and realized she could help others in similar situations
  • Kedma explains the concept of Target Funding, and she shares how her methods can help her clients attain funding based upon variables unique to them and to their specific situations.
  • Kedma offers a specific example of a tightly-targeted funding opportunity that recently came open, and she explains the importance of knowing about opportunities like this one and applying quickly.
  • Kedma shares how the key to finding funding opportunities is found in “key words” such as “forgivable loans”. She offers specific examples of the kinds of funding she has been able to obtain.
  • Kedma explains the concept of a “karma dollar”, and she shares why her passion for her work stems from wanting to help other business owners and entrepreneurs find the success she has enjoyed.

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