21 minutes | Dec 3, 2019


New student Timoshy Quarterback tries to enroll in F*** Hut Music School for Teens to pursue his passion for drum. But will F*** Hut accept a sports player as one of their own? And will hot girl Serena return his affections? Meanwhile, administrator Mrs. Proctor lays a seductive trap (she fs students) and teacher Mr. Teacher (he also fs students) announces a high stakes songwriting contest: everybody writes a song by Friday and worst songwriter goes to jail! Written and Directed by Mitra Jouhari. Starring Whitmer Thomas, Patti Harrison, Matt Rogers, Greta Titelman, Catherine Cohen, Ayo Edebiri, Sarah Squirm, Anna Seregina, Sunita Mani, Cricket Arrison, and Mitra Jouhari. Original Music by Henry Koperski. Lyrics by Mitra Jouhari. Theme Song by Patti Harrison. Art by Margalit Cutler. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.
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