53 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

Alec Palmer - Head of Marketing Momentum Sports

Alec Palmer, Head of Marketing for Trevor Bauer's Sports Marketing company, Momentum, joins us this week to discuss promoting athletes and growing the game of Baseball through humanizing the players through an authentic lense. Alec created his own path by taking initiative after a Baseball injury derailed his career. Rather than feel sorry for himself he created a new skill set and helped grow the brand of his College Baseball team. He talks about how he landed with Momentum by simply reaching out to network and waking up to a text message from Trevor Bauer. Alec discusses how Momentum builds relationships with athletes and is helping grow their brand identity online. Also, he sheds some light on what it's like to work with Trevor, one of the most polarizing athletes currently on social media. Alec also tackles a topic that is front and center for a lot of folks who are currently dealing with issues at home; Mental Health. Alec is wise beyond his years and a must listen for all sports business and marketing hopefuls.