56 minutes | Dec 3, 2019

Saying No Means Saying Yes to You

Have you ever found yourself doing something that you didn’t want to do or committed to something that you found draining? Sometimes we find ourselves doing more for others than we do for ourselves. Helping others feels good and can contribute to their quality of life or enhance a relationship or even help your career. Saying “no” is hard for some because they feel guilty, but doing so can be a wonderful gift to yourself. What would happen if you said “no” to those people those things that don’t value you or move you closer to your life’s goal? What would happen if you did the things you wanted to do but never had time to do? Now is the time to say yes to yourself. Start removing those things or people in your life that drain you and begin filling your life with people and things that lift you up and move you forward. This episode can start the process, but you will still need to do the work. Are you ready?
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