55 minutes | Oct 8, 2019

Body Positivity, Body Image

Everyday when I look in the mirror, I look for that 25 year old version of myself. There are days I see her — tall, athletic, slim, lots of hair, smiling back at me. And then there are days that I look and wonder where did she go and who’s body is that I’m looking at. This body is a little older, a little flabbier, a little less hair, but almost the same hairdo (not sure what that’s about?), and so on. In my head, I’m still that 25 year old. But my body tells me I’m not 25 anymore. And that’s okay. Everyone changes over time and the important thing is how you have lives your life. So, what’s feeding the insecurities, the negativity feelings about how we look, our age, how we move now versus when we were young? What does this have to do with body image? What can you do to have a better body image? Join Karla as she shares her insights about having a healthy body image. Call Karla live during the show, toll free-1-888-346-9141; or Int’l 001-480-553-5760.
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