37 minutes | Jan 1st 2021

Half Timing for Jesus - FT4F0046

Join us today as we talk missions with Zack Loving, joined by our friend in common, Billy Bohannon. Originally from remote Southeast Texas, Zack and his family are half timers. Maybe that word doesn't mean what you think it means? Half the year Zack and family are in Thailand and half in Alaska! Can you say "I'd rather you be hot or cold?" Not sure that Zack, a pilot, thought about that when agreeing to dedicate his life in Aviation missions. Find out about his work with Free Burma Rangers and more about him, too, on this edition of From The Forefront, an FXMissions Podcast. Find out more at www.lovinglifemissions.org. Connect with Zack on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/zack.loving.3 Don't fail to check out FBRMovie.org to find out more about the Free Burma Rangers Movie! It's highly recommneded.
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