23 minutes | May 19, 2023

135 Years of UK Women: A Discussion with the Alumni Representatives to the UK Board of Trustees

As the UK Alumni Association recognizes the impact women have made upon the university over the past 135 years, it is essential to consider the influence of the Board of Trustees as it governs the institution’s educational and financial policies. The UK Board of Trustees consists of 16 members appointed by the Governor, two members of the faculty, one university staff employee and one member of the student body. The terms of the appointed members are six years. 

Georgia M. Blazer was the first woman appointed to serve on the Board of Trustees and served from 1939 to 1961. Mira Snider Ball was the first woman to serve as chair of the UK Board of Trustees in 2007. Today, the three alumni representatives to the Board are three accomplished female alumnae:

·      Brenda Baker Gosney ’70 HS, ’75 ED

·      Paula Leach Pope ’73 ’75 ED

·      Rachel Watts Webb ’05 CI

These women recently spent time with UK Alumni Association Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives Christina Yue to share how UK has impacted their personal and professional lives.

For more information about the 135 Years of UK Women initiative, visit www.ukalumni.net/135years.

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