31 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

Optimistic Thinking, Limitations & an Empowered Social Circle

Ep 122 - Optimistic thinking, the power of positive energy, growth mindset, empowerment - these phrases and words are very well known to you if you have been on this ride with me for any period of time. Today I am going to go through some of my favorite quotes that I have set aside from an inspirational calendar gifted to me by a peer and client. Just hit play and let's discuss your highest empowered self and how you can use these quotes to inspire your internal motivation to spark right now, today. **************************************************************************************** Thank you so much for listening and being a part of my tribe and this wonderfully supportive community. Here's to the ending of the stigma. No longer are we living in the shadows! Also, please subscribe, rate, and review the show to help us spread the word about this awesome free content. Your simple action of rating and reviewing does wonders in helping others find the show. If you listen on iTunes I could really use the bump in their algorithm! If you have questions you'd like addressed on the show, want to book me to speak at an event, or want to recommend or be a guest on this show, please contact me through any of the social media links below or via email. I am generally open to being on your show too so reach out and let's pod-swap :) Feel free to contact me here for any other reason as well: Instagram: https://instagram.com/fromsobrietytorecovery Facebook: https://facebook.com/fromsobrietytorecovery Twitter: https://twitter.com/jessemogle LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessemogle/ Email: fromsobrietytorecovery@gmail.com
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