33 minutes | May 4, 2021

Happiness doesn't have to be stress and anxieties victim

Ep 114 - Don't release what makes you happy when stress and anxiety constrict around you. When emotions overwhelm some people find themselves laid up in bed or on the couch unable to get up and do much of anything. The irony of that lack of action is that the very thing that you loved to do before the funk, the stress, and/or the depression laid you up is the very thing that can begin to lift you out of that cavern.

What do you really, really, really enjoy doing? Writing, walking, exercising, cooking, talking with loved ones, hanging with your pet, creating, reading - I will stop now with the examples because you get the point.

When you are stressed out, or whatever emotion has you by the ear, not doing the thing that make you the happiest is a double disservice. One, you are missing out on the things that bring you joy, and two, you are digging yourself in deeper when the ladder out is so clearly obvious to you - do the things that bring you joy and happiness.

There might be some of you who read that and think, "dude, you have no idea the depths of anxiety that I can dig myself into." I am sorry that is your state of mind. I am even more sorry that you are choosing that for yourself. YOU. CHOOSE. THAT.

Personal responsibility, self awareness, and self management are key components to getting a handle on your emotions and empowerment in your emotional intelligence.

Just hit play and let's see where we go with this today.


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