54 minutes | Sep 22nd 2020

Ep. 9 The Mastectomy: Reclaim Your Power

The symbol of the breast is well known throughout society. Breasts symbolize sexuality, motherhood, femininity, and more. But what do breasts mean to women who lose them? In this episode, we explore the history of the surgical procedure of breast removal, the mastectomy, in the context of breast cancer. After discussing how this procedure came about, we discuss the difficult decisions that women face after this breast removal surgery. Considering all the societal pressures on what it means to have breasts, post-mastectomy patients are left with a big question: to reconstruct or to not reconstruct?? Join us in this episode as we explore some history, talk about modern mastectomies, and look at the emotional decisions women go through to reclaim their power over their post-mastectomy bodies.
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