52 minutes | Aug 25th 2020

Ep. 7 Henrietta Lacks and HeLa: One in the Same

Have you ever had someone take something from you without asking? Bet it was pretty annoying huh? Now, have you ever had anyone take cells from your cervix without your consent? Probably not. But Henrietta Lacks has. In 1951, Henrietta was diagnosed with cervical cancer and her cells were taken without consent to create the first immortal cell line. From these cells, numerous medical discoveries were made and various unethical practices took place. This episode will discuss the life of Henrietta, the implications of the immortal HeLa cell line, and the importance of informed consent and respecting patients and their families. Additionally, we talk about research practices involving cell lines and minorities in medicine. Through the episode we hope to open up conversations around ethical research and medical practice while also giving listeners a space to learn about Henrietta and honor both her life and cells.
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