37 minutes | Jul 28th 2020

Ep. 5 Birth Control Part 2: The Seventh Wonder

Sorry to cut you off! Hopefully everyone had a good mid-episode break and are refreshed for Part 2. To start off Part 2, we give a teeny tiny history of second wave feminism and the importance of this movement in relation to the birth control pill. Which speaking of, do you know how the pill has affected society and our culture? I promise, it will surprise you. After finishing up the history, we jump headfirst into one of our most complex Feminist Corner discussions yet! Join us as we discuss the implications of the relationship between church & state and how to identify our own biases. Additionally, we talk about how to be an advocate for women’s health rights and share a personal birth control story. What’s your reason for taking birth control?Check out fromskirtstoscrubs.com under Episode 5 for resources on how to access birth control in your area.To learn more about why various women take birth control and participate in the #mybirthcontrolreason movement, check out our instagram (@fromskirtstoscrubs) for stories and posts!
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