39 minutes | Jul 28th 2020

Ep. 5 Birth Control Part 1: The Seventh Wonder

Before modern medicine, what lengths would you resort to in an attempt to not get pregnant? Well men and women throughout history pushed the limits on what qualified as birth control. In Part 1 of this episode we laugh and joke as we learn the methods of birth control used by people across time and civilizations. But hey if it works, it works right? Maybe not… After our world tour of birth control, we follow the timeline of the creation of the birth control pill and birth control advocacy in the United States. Do you know the amazing woman who pioneered this section of history? Well, join us this week to learn her name, some various ancient birth methods, and modern contraceptive history! After listening, be sure to listen to Part 2 to finish the full episode!Check out fromskirtstoscrubs.com under Episode 5 for resources on how to access birth control in your area.To learn more about why various women take birth control and participate in the #mybirthcontrolreason movement, check out our instagram (@fromskirtstoscrubs) for stories and posts!
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