54 minutes | Feb 16th 2021

Ep. 14 Florence Nightingale: THE nurse (& statistician & researcher & advocate &...)

From the fall of nursing in the 1800s (reference episode 1 for more info!!) to now, the profession has done a full 180. Nurses today are some of the most respected and valued healthcare workers in the field. This shift in the profession wasn’t random or a chance of luck. It was because of Florence Nightingale, the Mother of Nursing. In this episode you will learn about an incredible woman who played a role in shaping what it means to be a nurse, public health policy development, bringing awareness to medical research, and strategies to effectively practice medicine. In a time where medicine was expanding and population demand for healthcare was growing, Florence implemented changes and developed theories in medicine that benefit us to this day. Join in the conversation to learn about how this caring, analytical, and smart nurse used her platform to create substantial change in the care of patients from the 1800s to today. 
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