49 minutes | Dec 17th 2019


Host Michael Ruhlman speaks w/ chef Jonathan Waxman about his recently shuttered Barbuto. Also, chef Waxman generously breaks down exactly how to cook his famous roast chicken.

Then Michael is joined by his wife, Ann Hood as they attempt to duplicate the magic of Barbuto's roast chicken in their own home kitchen.

Ann Hood's "Kitchen Yarns": https://www.amazon.com/Kitchen-Yarns-Notes-Life-Love/dp/0393249506

Michael Ruhlman's "From Scratch": https://www.amazon.com/Scratch-Meals-Recipes-Dozens-Techniques/dp/1419732773

Michael Ruhlman's Spoon designed for basting: https://www.jbprince.com/utensils/dalton-ruhlman-medium-offset-spoon-9-in.asp

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