63 minutes | May 13, 2021

Episode 18 - The Ripple Effect of Suicide

This week‘s episode was recorded awhile ago with two of the bravest men to have come through the doors of the studio. Rick and Julie host as Derrick and Jeremy open their hearts to share their stories of how losing very close friends to suicide have impacted them both. They also share what they’ve been doing to navigate the grief associated to such loss. This episode is raw and very emotional as these courageous individuals take us along through their experiences. Share this episode with others as it is very relative to the world around us today.Reaching out to Our Collective Journey could be an important step if you don't know where else to turn to help a loved one in crisis.Reach out on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ourcollectivejourney3Website:https://ourcollectivejourney.caThere IS help
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