13 minutes | Sep 13, 2021

90. Clutter Is Unmade Decisions

If you have clutter in any area it's because of unmade decisions. The more you have a habit of not making a decision, to postpone a decision, to procrastinate, the more clutter you will have, either in physical form in your home or office, in  your files and also in your finances. You'll find the full show notes and a transcript at https://connygraf.com/podcast/90Other ways to connect:Get to know the more private me on Instagram orLike and Follow my Facebook PageJoin my supportive and free Facebook CommunityIf you want help to create a sanctuary in your home and a supportive environment in your office, files, and finances then I want you schedule a complimentary 20-minute call here and let’s talk on how I can help you move from chaos to peace in all areas of your life. 
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