25 minutes | Aug 16, 2021

86. Free Your Body To Heal with Sarah Lascano

My guest today is Sarah Lascano, an energy medicine practitioner and the owner and founder of RayZen Energy. She has helped hundreds of clients around the world recover their health and reclaim their life and in this episode we talk about how it all started with her own health challenge. We talk aboutwhat is energy medicine why and how it workshow energy medicine can help us while declutteringand we're also talking about the free mini sessions that she puts on Youtube and why those benefit you even by just watching them. You find the full show notes, Sarahs gift , and all other links of the things we talked about at https://connygraf.com/podcast/86Sign up to get my weekly  "a few minutes a day"- decluttering challenge in your inbox that will guide you on your journey from chaos to peace with ease. If you love my podcast, please help me spread the word by going to Apple Podcasts and writing a review. This will help that more people find this podcast and can move from chaos to peace in their life and business. Don't know how to write a review? Check out my step-by-step instructions.
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