46 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

82. Claim Your Cosmic Fabulosity with DW Long

Dan Long is my guest today we somehow started following each other on Instagram, he puts these funny reels up where he takes on these heavy topics and makes them a little bit more fun. Eventually we connected and I invited him to the podcast. Dan is a licensed clinical social worker who has a private practice as a therapist and coach. He himself suffered from monkey mind, how he calls it, being anxious and worrying a lot. He shares with us his story out of the dark and we are exploring how mindfulness helps us declutter our mind how mindful breathing helps us staying in the present momentwhat practical steps help us to worry lessand last but not least how horses can assist us in becoming calm, mindful and in the present momentYou find the full show notes and all the links of the things we talked about at https://connygraf.com/podcast/82Sign up to get a weekly  "a few minutes a day"-decluttering challenge in your inboxor schedule a complimentary Clutter Clarity Call to learn how I can help you.If you love my podcast, please help me spread the word by going to Apple Podcasts and writing a review. This will help that more people find this podcast and can move from chaos to peace in their life and business. Don't know how to write a review? Check out my step-by-step instructions.
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