22 minutes | Dec 8th 2020

Melt into Your Treatment at Culture A Day Spa

Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Google Play Podcast RSS Feed   Luxury awaits you at Culture A Day Spa in Frisco. Holiday specials, like the Arctic Berry and Peppermint Facial, are a perfect retreat for yourself or to give as a gift to someone who could use pampering.  In this episode, Katelin Schebler talks to us about what’s different about Culture A Day Spa and what they do to keep you relaxed, comfortable, and safe. Katelin is an involved local business owner, to say the least, greeting customers, booking appointments, and even providing treatments alongside her fantastic team.  Enjoy this episode as you hear about Culture’s divine treatments, including the Illuminating Diamond Facial, the Couples Retreat, and the Meridian Massage.  Don’t miss these HOLIDAY SPECIALS: Artic Berry and Peppermint Facial: 80 minutes $200 Hot Stone Peppermint and Citrus Massage: 80 minutes $185 SHOW NOTES: [00:34] What is Culture A Day Spa? [02:02] Unique experience Katelin envisioned [03:36] Involved Local Owner [06:09] Changes 2020 brought [10:37] Favorite Treatments [20:35] Holiday Specials LINKS & RESOURCES: Culture A Day Spa on Lifestyle Frisco | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Connect with Lifestyle Frisco on:  YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Transcript Machine-generated. Welcome to the Frisco Podcast. Today, we’re talking skin and spa with Katelin Schebler, owner of Frisco’s Culture A Day Spa. Welcome, Katelin, how are you? I’m doing well, Kelly. Thank you for having me. Excited to talk about Culture A Day Spa because I have, um, visited there now several times recently. And so, I want to share that with other people. For those who haven’t visited yet, can you just tell us a little overview about what Culture A Day Spa is all about? Yes, of course. So, we are a locally owned, small business. And we are located in Frisco, Texas at the corner of Warren and Parkwood. And we are a five-star luxury spa. So, we focus on luxury massages, facials, body treatments. We’re very much, um, focusing on the experience for our guests. We want to be an escape and a retreat for everyone here in Frisco, Texas. And so, when our guests come in, they get provided a private locker room in either our men’s locker room or women’s locker room. We have showers, all of our guests go into robes and slippers and they get to really enjoy their time with us. We also feature a relaxation lounge where everyone can relax before and after their treatments. Currently, we’re serving a White Riesling, hot tea, bottled water, chocolates, and mints for everyone to enjoy. We also have seven treatment rooms for massages and facials, a beautiful couples suite with an oversized hydrotherapy shower, and we offer private dining for our guests, as well, where we can cater up to a three-course meal for a group of either one to our up-to six. Wow. So those are a few examples of different unique things that make Culture A Say Spa different from, um, I don’t know, just many of the other spots that people might have been in. So as, as this is, you know, your, your baby, your idea that was brought to life- and happy two-years, by the way. Thank you so much. We’re so excited. So, how did you envision this? ‘Cause some of these things that you mentioned seem very intentional when you’re in there, like, so well thought-out and mapped out. So is, you know, talk about how you planned for that to make this feel so unique and luxurious. Well, you- and you were absolutely correct. Everything is very intentional, very purposeful. I always believe that the beauty is in the details and we really strive to make those details perfect for our guests. So I hand-picked and selected everything in the spa. Our layout is unique as well. We custom-designed our layout. All of our treatments are custom and unique, as well. And I’ve been in the industry for 14 years and have always been in the luxury-spa industry. So, when my husband and I moved to Frisco about 7 years ago, we really felt the need for luxury spa, where our guests have a beautiful experience. And also that employee experience is very important to us where we can have the best-of-the-best team members and give them a place to be successful and grow in their career. And that is really what we wanted with Culture, which is why the name Culture A Day Spa became about because we believe in changing the culture of the industry – not only from our guests’ experience and guests’ perspective, but also from our employee experience and employee perspective. I love that. And speaking of employees, your employees are awesome. Um, when you walk in, they’re, they’re so great when they greet you with that awesome, um, big rotunda, you have at the front there. But, you’re also often there. And I love that, too. I love that you’re the local business owner. Um, but, that you’re in the business on a day-to-day basis. Now, maybe it’s just every time I’m there, you’re there. I’m not sure. But, what is your involvement on a day-to-day basis? Yes. So, I am very passionate about, um, Culture. And I am- for the last two years, I have been there every day. Um, I absolutely love what I do. I love our guests. I love my team and I’m really want everyone to enjoy their experience. So, I am at the front sometimes, greeting and checking in the guests. I manage, I train the team, I hire the team. But as a licensed aesthetician, I also have clientele of my own. So, I’m often in the treatment room, performing treatments in addition to everything else that I’m doing on a daily basis. So, it’s fun every day. Every day is very different, as well. And it really, everything I do comes out of passion and I love it. I wouldn’t change anything. So, you’re in the rooms doing treatments also to, to your clients. Yes. That’s cool. I didn’t realize that you aren’t just, you know, running the business. You’re actually- still have your hands in it, too, right? Which is neat. I think that gives you a really good pulse on what your customers are experiencing in the rooms and different treatments and how you can innovate and evolve and different, the different specials that you guys offer, which I know we’re going to talk about in a minute. But, um, what- is that something you enjoy doing still? Is kind of taking that role and still being able to do the actual treatments yourself? Yes. I, I love facials. I love body treatments and makeup is my true passion and why I’ve been in the industry for so long. And I love having a well-rounded schedule where again, each day is different. But really, working with a client one-on-one, it just, it completes my career. It really does. And I enjoy working with the team and training as well. And I just feel very blessed that I’m able to do what I love every day. I think you being there every day, which first of all, oh my goodness, Katelin, you need a vacation from your luxurious, vacation-like spa. I know it’s amazing in there, but you still need a break, right? Um, but I think you being in there every day probably made a big impact on what this 2020 looked like for you, guys. Um, many small business owners had to make lot of changes as things completely changed during the year. But because you were there and had such a realistic pulse on what’s happening in your business, I feel like that helped you guys stay on top of adjustments that needed to be made. So what, what, what did 2020 look like for you, guys? And you know, how did you have to adapt and what are y’all doing? Yes, 2020 has been an interesting year. Um, wasn’t something that I expected, you know. We were open just about a year-and-a-half or so before, um, COVID hit in March. So, we did shut down. Um, our entire team was shut down for about 65 days. And so, but in that time, we still were in communication every day. We actually launched a social media campaign during that time to stay in touch with our clients and our guests and, um, continue to let people know that Culture is still very much present in the community. And then I would still, um, in the business, answering the phones and just keeping the internal operations going while we were, during, while we were on shutdown. So once we were able to open back up, we were so excited. Um, the entire team was ready to go. So when Governor Abbott gave us the green light, we were ready to get back to work. And so, we have always had very high sanitation-disinfection practices at Culture A Day Spa. Um, we’ve always followed our licensing board regulations to the tee. But, I always like to go above and beyond with everything that I do, so, it’s always been very clean and sanitary. So that, we had all of our equipment and tools ready for that- with opening back up with COVID. Um, so in addition to that, what we’ve done is we’ve actually limited our capacity currently to 25% or less. And in doing that, that allows our guests to feel extremely comfortable and really focus on that, um, private environment. And then it allows my team to go through the spa and completely disinfect each area that the guest comes into contact with as they transition through the spa. So as a guest comes into the lounge, they knew each and every time that it’s been completely disinfected, um, while they were in their treatments. So, we also have implemented the mask policy, as well. Our entire team, um, it keeps, uh, facial masks on the entire time throughout, um, business hours. And then we’re also asking our guests when they’re in our common areas to please wear their facial masks or coverings. I think it’s so interesting how you, um, did this rotation of getting your clients in. Well, you talked about limiting it too. But you know, you really feel like because you- the way that you’re rotating people in, you really do feel like you have certain sections of the place to yourself. Which- it’s nice and this time of, of COVID-19, but it’s really nice just relaxation-wise, too, that you, um, the way that you guys rotate people in the locker room and the lounge, and then your treatment rooms- you feel, like, so exclusive that, you know, you kind of have, have privacy everywhere you are. Well, thank you. We worked very hard for that, and that is important to us. And even before COVID, I had the policy of relaxation and we want the guests to feel like they’re our only guests in the spa. And that’s what we strive for, even with our reservations. Um, we try, we provide guests specific check-in times. And with those check-in times, um, it allows us to try and check-in our guests, um, privately as much as we can. So again, you still feel like you have the spa to yourself, even if there are other guests and receiving treatments. What are- speaking of check-in times, what are, what are the earliest and latest times that you guys are checking people in? So, we ask that new guests arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment times. So if they have a 10 o’clock reservation in the morning, we have a 9:30 check in time. Um, during the week we do stay open until 7:00 p.m. except for Thursdays. It’s our latest evening; we’re open until 8:00 PM. As far as the checkout times, will run until 8:30 at night. That’s nice. Okay. So, um, I am excited to talk about some of the specials, some of the different things that you guys rotate in throughout the year. For example, I think as we talk and record this Zoom here, I think you guys have a diamond facial, if I’m not mistaken. But I want, I want you to talk to me and explain to me some of these divine-sounding, um, treatments that you guys have going on. So, we like to offer exclusive treatments at Culture A Day Spa; treatments that are result-oriented for our guests, but also very relaxing at the same time. So, one of our most popular facial treatments that’s exclusive to Culture A Day Spa is our Illuminating Diamond Facial. And this is an 80-minute treatment focused on customizing for the guests needs, but also it includes a three-blend acid peel to really resurface and brighten the skin. And then we have a fresh-mix diamond mask that has real-diamond dust powder in the mask to brighten and illuminate. And with all of our 80-minute facials, we perform our signature shoulder-face-and-scalp massage. Our guests also receive a luxurious arm-and-hand massage, and then we have facial steaming on hot towels incorporated throughout the entire facial. Oh, my gosh. That’s a lot of good stuff. Okay. I know I just mentioned diamonds. So tell me, what did you call the- what’s the actual name of the treatment? Illuminating Diamond Facial. Illuminating Diamond Facial. And those 80-minutes. I think that’s, that’s another unique thing is that it’s not just a quick, you know, facial in-and-out or anything. You’re in there. Like, it is an experience. You’re in there a while and it gives you time to really, like, deeply relax and not worry that, you know, you’re, you’re in and out so fast. So, besides the Illuminating Diamond Facial, what are some of the other favorites? Yeah. So, one of our most popular massages is our Meridian Massage. And we launched our Meridian Massage at our one-year anniversary. And then again, is custom and unique to Culture A Day Spa only. And in fact, we spent seven months creating the Meridian Massage and perfecting it. And it is a beautiful treatment customized for each guest, but it’s available in 80 minutes or 110 minutes. And it’s focused on full-body harmony. So, we’re working on not only the tight muscles, but optimal circulation for our guests. So, we’ll be doing acupressure points, light-movement cupping, dry brushing for circulation and advanced massage moves that you just won’t experience anywhere else. It’s extremely luxurious, but extremely purposeful at the same time. So, it is our highly requested and most requested treatment for massage at Culture. Yeah, it sounds like it. That sounds amazing. Um, Meridian Massage. Okay. We need to make note of that. And these are really good things to make note of for other people, too, right? So of course, this all sounds great for us to get done to ourselves, but when you’re thinking of, um, giving gifts, whether it’s through the holiday season or teacher gifts or, um, your-wife gifts for anniversaries and birthdays, there’s so many different reasons that you would want to buy both men and women gifts. Um, and like you said, there’s a, there’s a couples-treatment room, too, right? But gift, um, gift cards, gift certificates are so great for something like this, because then you can pass it off and let them go enjoy it themselves. So, tell me about that couples, um, did you call it a treatment room for couples? Yes, we have a couple’s suite. So, we are able to perform side-by-side treatments, um, in our couple’s suite. They can also add on a shower- a private shower experience for them. We have a his-&-her showerhead and with our luxurious Signature Citrus Body Collection, as well. Also what’s very popular for our couples is our Couples Culture Retreat, where they’re able to experience an 80-minute massage, shower experience afterwards – and that follows with private dining, as well. And that’s been very popular for special occasions and date nights for our couples. If guests are looking for gifts this holiday season, I would highly suggest utilizing gift cards. We offer online gift cards or also in-store gift cards. And a lot of the times, one of the biggest questions for the person getting the gift card is, “I don’t know what, what my significant other or friend would enjoy.” And so we would just recommend a dollar-amount for them. And then when they’re- the gift receiver calls, we can then guide them through our menu and help them select which treatment would be best for them. Yeah, that’s awesome. And you can buy- do that, like you said online. So you, if you’re just buying as a gift, you don’t have to stop in in person. You can get it online or call you guys and help you determine the right value or dollar. Oh, yeah. If- online is available, um, in-store’s available, or if the purchaser would just prefer to call us, we can process it over the phone and do a curbside-pickup for gift cards. So, you may still want it wrapped and gifted to be a beautiful presentation. We can still offer curbside as well for gift cards. Okay. That’s fantastic. Okay. That Couples Retreat sounds pretty, pretty amazing, all that stuff. Okay. Katelin. So, I’m curious. As an owner, as somebody who is in there every day, um, watching people get these treatments and experiences and an aesthetician who is giving these treatments to others, what is your favorite treatment to receive as a customer, but then also to give? Great question. So, it’s also difficult question because I love all of our services. But my favorite treatment to perform on my clients is our Polynesian Pearl Lift. This treatment we also launched at our one-year anniversary. Um, I spent seven-to-eight months creating this facial and I just wanted it to be perfect and purposeful for all of our guests. So, the Polynesian Pearl has everything. We’re going to brighten, resurface, clear your skin, but we’re also going to sculpt and lift and tighten and tone the muscles. And so we do that with ultrasonic therapy and we also follow it through with cryotherapy to freeze in and lock all of our lifting and then we finish it with a fresh-mix pearl mat. And this is real pearls that are mixed together that are placed on the client’s skin to brighten and illuminate. And the before-and-after results for our guests are just phenomenal. And it’s just very gratifying that – to see the guests’ results from when they start the facial to when we’ve completed it. Um, we have had some guests who really wanted to focus on lifting and sculpting their cheekbones or lifting and sculpting their eyelids. And we’re able to do that with a pulsating treatment that tones the muscles it’s very relaxing. So, the guests usually sleep through the treatment, but the after results are fantastic. Oh, that’s cool. I bet that is cool to watch, too. As you’re performing it and watch it go through the process, all those different steps and, um, making those physical changes – that’s really neat. Okay, then. What do you like if you get to just walk in, which I doubt you get to a lot of downtime, um, but what is your favorite one or two treatments to get? Yes. So, my favorite treatment to receive, um, outside of facials, because I’ve, facials are close to my heart, um, would be more of our massage treatments. So, we have a Customized Culture Massage and it’s available in a two-hour option. And I love the two-hour massages because it allows me to completely relax. It takes me probably a good 60 to 70 minutes to completely let my mind unwind. And so- exactly. And I think everyone understands that, too, especially this time of year. But it, that two-hour option just completely allows me to relax. And it’s so luxurious and our massage therapists are so skilled. They can really, um, work out and correct any issues that I’m having with tight muscles and soreness and stiffness, but I’m able to fully relax and decompress at the same time. And so, that is one of my favorite treatments to receive because I can just truly melt into the table and just let everything go and not think about anything the entire time. Yeah, that sounds fantastic. I’m like you. That’s what I meant earlier with the longer-than-60-minute when we were talking about the 80-minute Illuminating Diamond Facial, is that it takes me that first hour to like, let my mind stop racing about what’s happening in the outside world or my schedule or anything. Just, I don’t turn off quickly, right? So, it takes me a while to kind of decompress. And so, when I do go somewhere where there’s an hour-massage, every single time when it’s over, I’m disappointed because it seems like it was too fast. So, that two-hour sounds awesome because you can really sink into it and really get that relaxation. I love that. Okay. What was that one called again? That is our Customized Culture Massage. Culture Massage, Customized Culture Massage. Okay. I hope everybody’s taking notes. All right. So Katelin, you told us at the beginning where we can find you. Um, we will also link to the Culture A Day Spa website and social media accounts. So, I would advise everybody to go give you guys a follow so that you can see what’s new every month or two. You guys have different specials. And some of these treatments that you keep talking about, you spending seven months, you know, perfecting and so go follow Culture so that you can be aware when these new ones are launched and you can go experience them for yourself. Anything else, Katelin that our listeners need to know about you, guys? Yes. So, we are excited to enter the holiday season. This is our favorite time of year. So, we are launching, um, our signature holiday treatments. We’ll be launching our Arctic Berry & Peppermint Facial, which is an 80-minute facial that incorporates a berry-infused enzyme and a peppermint mask. We’re also launching our Hot Stone Citrus & Peppermint Massage this holiday season, as well. This is an 80-minute treatment incorporating hot basalt stones to really relax really tight muscles and reduce chronic pain. So, we’ll be incorporating these treatments here in Frisco, starting November 26th through January 31st. And we’ll also be relaunching our partnership with the American Heart Association in February. So, we ask that the local community help us support the American Heart Association. This February, we’ll be donating a portion of select treatments directly back to the American Heart Association. That’s great. Okay. That’s coming up February and then, ugh, there’s the peppermint and berry- all of those facials and treatments sound fabulous. Fantastic. All right. Well, thank you for Zooming with us today, Katelin. And everybody make your way to Culture A Day Spa’s page and check out their social so you can follow along, go get your treatments. Thanks, Katelin. Have a good rest of your day. Thank you so much, Kelly.
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