18 minutes | Feb 4th 2020

How Code Authority and Mankind Are Furthering Frisco

Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Google Play Podcast RSS Feed   In this week’s episode, Code Authority CEO Jason Taylor delves into how his team helps business owners by creating custom software developments and digital marketing services, as well as his involvement in the North Texas nonprofit, Mankind. SHOW NOTES: [00:15] Introduction [00:45] Give For Frisco [02:15] Mankind [03:45] How men get connected with Mankind [04:30] Where Mankind is based [05:14] How Mankind raises funds [05:30] 10th Annual Mankind Charity Classic [07:33] Code Launch [09:24] Process of Code Launch [11:26] Code Authority [12:40] Give for Frisco LINKS & RESOURCES: Mankind on Lifestyle Frisco Code Authority on Lifestyle Frisco Mankind Website Code Authority Website Code Launch Website Connect with Lifestyle Frisco on:  YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Transcript Machine-generated. Welcome to the Frisco podcast. I’m your host, Scott Ellis. And this episode we are joined by Jason Taylor from Code Authority and Jason is the president and founder of Code Authority. You started that about 18 years ago. Welcome to the show. Glad to have you here today. Thank you Scott. And we’re going to talk about Code Authority a little bit, but we’re going to start off with Give for Frisco and you guys, Code Authority is the sponsor of Give for Frisco this year. Decided to get involved in stuff behind it, Give for Frisco’s something we’re hugely, hugely passionate about. Um, but what made you want to get involved in and sponsor the Give for Frisco initiative? Well, um, like you mentioned, I did start Code Authority, um, 18 years ago and um, you know, that’s a technology services business, um, software development, digital marketing. Um, but also 10 years ago I was asked to help get a charity started. And so a close friend of mine asked me to help him, um, everything from legal to forming a board to forming bylaws and try to get the structure going to create a charity that was designed to help men, um, in a way that we hadn’t seen that had been done before. Um, so, um, my last 10 years of, of that effort, which has been all volunteer effort, I’ve learned and surprised to learn that was much more difficult to get a successful charity off the ground that was able to raise money and then distribute money, then, uh, it never was to get a traditional fee for service business off the ground and running healthily. So, um, when I found out about this, I thought, well, I can, uh, I know there’s other small charities here in Frisco that are run by people out of their homes from the passion of their heart and, uh, you know, their desire to help and in some cause it’s important to them. And so I thought, well, I want to support, you know, bringing light to those charities as well as mankind, um, as much as I can. Okay. Talk a little bit about Mankind, especially for those that are not familiar with, with that organization. What does Mankind do? Um, Mankind was created to help men who are facing a health crisis. So it’s a, a, a needs based giving, a model where we basically are essentially helping people that are economically challenged and at the same time they’re facing a tremendous uphill battle in some sort of medical crisis. So, um, specifically men, cause we felt like men are less likely to ask for help. Um, when they get in trouble, they usually take an inverse approach. Uh, they, they keep to themselves. Um, and that is they also tend to not take medical news as serious. They try to, they’re, they’re more likely to be in denial for a long time and even avoid medical care to avoid finding out something that they’re afraid might be true. And so oftentimes men finally get face to face with something when it’s taken too long for them to get to that point.And they could have been more proactive. So we try to encourage men to break those kind of patterns of behavior. Um, and then we also get directly involved with financial support for families, uh, of men that are facing some kind of health crisis. So if, and I completely agree and believe you, when you say that man, we tend to put things off or live in a state of denial about something or not want to get the bad news, but how do you get connected with the men that need your service if they’re not actively looking for it? Well, that was one of the challenges that we found right off the bat that was very difficult. Um, but in the most recent a few years, we’ve made a lot of progress in the area by introducing ourselves and our cause to case caseworkers at institutions that are helping people like this. So, um, cancer treatment centers, um, other charities that are designed to help people in need that will encounter, uh, men like the ones that we’re looking for, we’ll bring them to us and say, Hey, you should talk to these mankind people. And so, um, we have a nice funnel of potential beneficiaries coming at us pretty often. Okay, well that’s good to know. And it sounds like a great organization. Is that based here in Frisco or is it nearby? So a, it’s a collection of volunteer board members. Um, I would say about half of us actually live in Frisco proper. The founder has moved a few times since he started it and now he lives in Murphy. Um, and then a couple of other guys are from here and there around North Texas and it’s mostly Collin County. And, um, the people that we help are from all over North Texas.So we’ve helped people better, um, actually outside of DFW proper. But somewhere in our North Texas, our community. And um, yeah, like this last year, um, we helped, uh, 20 people and we have two more in the queue right now that we’re trying to raise funds for. Okay. Very good. How do you guys go about raising funds for Mankind? Well, uh, we have events throughout the year. Um, most recently we had a, um, we had a, a beer tasting event at a brewery in McKinney called Tupps brewery. So our next event is, um, the 10th annual Mankind charity classic, which is at the tribute golf course in Frisco on Friday, April 3rd. Okay. Is that something anybody can participate in? Anybody can participate and we need, um, we need companies to sponsor holes. So, uh, for 1500 bucks you can sponsor and brand a hole with your company and that includes a force him to come out and play. Um, we also need other types of sponsors like lunch and dinner sponsors. We have a great, um, collectable item, um, and uh, donated item auction after the tournament’s over and lots of great prizes for winners and free gifts and giveaways, just like you have a lot of other charity golf tournaments. Okay, awesome. So that’s a great way for people to come out and support you. Um, but Mankind is also, if you go to giveforfrisco.com, uh, you guys are also one of our listed nonprofits in Frisco, so people want to make a donation to you guys on, give her first go day on February 14th. They can do that as well. Um, but I would definitely encourage people to come out to the golf tournament. It sounds like a lot of fun. It is a lot of fun. We like, um, volunteers to come out and help us. So any way that you think you can evolve, we’ll find a way for you to get involved. Mankind’s a great organization that, uh, around 97, 98% of all of our money goes straight to people that need it right in their pockets. Right. So, um, we are really excited about this year’s tournament and we’re hoping to sell all 144 players. Okay. I was gonna ask how many players you get. So that just answered my question. So, all right, very good. We’ll make sure that we, uh, continued to promote that event and try to get as many people out there for you as possible. Cool. Um, are there any other nonprofits or things that you’re involved with around Frisco or is that kind of take most of your volunteer time? That takes all of my time. Um, and you know, I use Code Authority resources quite a bit to, to help it function.We, we do the, uh, digital marketing for Mankind and social activity. Um, my team there at Code Authority. So, um, we’re always working a little bit on, on Mankind projects as well as Code Authority, Code lLunch and other other clients of ours. But, um, yeah, aside from that, that’s my own personal passion. Okay. Yeah. Tell us about code launch a little bit. I know we’ve, we’ve heard about that and we’ve, we’ve mentioned it, uh, more than a few times on lifestyle Frisco. But, um, for anybody that doesn’t know what is, what is Code Launch? Code Launch is a crazy idea that, um, a seed accelerator can take the format of professional software development companies building a startups product. So, um, as shorter version, it’s a one day trade show and startup competition. Um, but what we do is we take companies like Code Authority, like Improving and, uh, like some other brands we’ll be announcing soon that our North Texas, uh, dev shops and technology consulting companies, they provide their labor in the hackathon format. Um, like they’re very experienced senior technical people and we pair them with a finalist startup that has applied from anywhere from other countries and continents to other States to right down the street. And they worked for three or four days on their product and then they come and show what they got done on stage and compete for prizes and cash and um, recognition. Very good. So they kind of help springboard some of those startups forward a little bit with their, with what they’re doing from a technology standpoint. Yeah. The idea is to get, um, technology startups that are dependent upon software development to get their product to market. Um, some serious momentum toward that goal for a lot of them will come into code launch and have very little or no progress
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