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Get Full Body Fit and Fierce at BEYOND Pilates

Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Google Play Podcast RSS Feed   Let’s talk health and fitness. In this week’s episode, we chat with Beth Crain, owner of BEYOND Pilates Frisco, where she and her team work with clients from ages 16 to senior citizens. Pilates is a mix of resistance and strength training in a low-impact environment. The signature class at BEYOND features their reformer to help work all major muscle groups in a 45-minute format. Listen as we talk about the sweat-drenching challenge of the various types of classes and the ‘work zones’ within them! We also learn about the journey Beth is on adapting to the necessary changes due to COVID-19, including crafting a safe reopen plan with a consultant after being closed for 11 weeks in the late spring of 2020. BEYOND Pilates Frisco is growing! Hear about the new store coming to west Frisco! SHOW NOTES: [00:40] Intro to Beth Crain [1:56] How Beyond is different [4:45] Full Body [6:00] Changes due to COVID-19 [12:23] Gyms may be safer than you think [15:15] Pop Up studio (Legacy & Lebanon) and future studio (Lebanon & 4th Army) [19:10] Fall Challenge LINKS & RESOURCES: Beyond Pilates on Lifestyle Frisco | Facebook | Instagram Connect with Lifestyle Frisco on:  YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Transcript Machine-generated. Kelly (00:06): Welcome to the Frisco podcast and welcome to Beth Crain with BEYOND Pilates. We’re talking health and fitness today. Welcome Beth, how are you? I’m good. Thanks for having me. Yeah, thank you for joining us. So we have talked to you before on The Frisco Podcast, but a lot has changed a lot has changed in everybody’s lives, but I want to learn to see what’s changed and how things have evolved over at beyond since we last talked to you here. Um, so can you just kind of get us started with sort of the basics, first of all, who you are and introduce yourself to us and how you’re connected to BEYOND. Beth (00:40): Absolutely. Well, I am Beth and I am the owner of BEYOND Pilates here in Frisco. We opened at the very end of 2017. So we’re coming up on our third birthday, which we’re super excited about. This year we’re celebrating by adding our second studio in West Frisco. So I think we’ll talk about that a little later in the podcast. Anyways, I have an amazing, amazing team of instructors and studio staff and an on-staff nutrition coach over at BEYOND. Um, and we just, we work with men and women from like 16 to senior citizens every week. And, um, just help everyone get stronger and stay healthy. Kelly (01:22): Well, one of the people that you have worked with is me recently. So, um, one thing I, I guess, you know, to communicate to the audience, a couple of words that, that remind me of being in there, so work zone. So these teachers get you in these positions and you work really specific muscle groups, and then they, then they hit you with the surprise that you’re about to get into a work zone. And, you know, you’re going to hold, so do the, do these other movements. So, um, I feel those four days and I love that feeling sore. You feel like, you know, you can tell you did something good. So give me sort of the philosophy on these moves and how this, how going to BEYOND is different than, um, maybe hitting a yoga yoga studio or doing just hit classes at a gym or all the other things that people do for fitness. Beth (02:10): Yes. So people walk into the studio all the time and are like, I need to do Pilates that I need to stretch. And our first reaction is always like, Oh, well, we’re not exactly a stretching studio. Um, you do work on your flexibility while you’re there, but really by nature, Pilates is meant for strength training and, um, resistance training and a low impact environment. So you’re not like jumping up and down and pounding on your joints, which gets important as we get older. So our classes are 45 minute format, always, using equipment. So you’ll either be using our Pilates reformers, which have been fully customized to the way that we run our classes at BEYOND, or the Pilates chair. Um, and then we throw in a little, some other accessories to keep it interesting. Um, you’ll always get a full body workout. So you’re going with the reformer studio, our signature 45 minute class. You’re going to get upper body, lower body and core every time you go beyond. Um, and then we also have a studio that’s more like Pilates interval training, which combines Pilates chairs with kettlebells for like an amazing calorie torching 30 minute session. Um, and that is either your abs and arms format or abs and ass. Um, and that one is just like drenching, sweat. I don’t think you were able to do it when you were in the studio this month, but. Kelly (03:30): Well, just because I didn’t do that one doesn’t mean I wasn’t drenching sweat. I was drenched with the basic class, so I love it. Beth (03:37): And it’s not, I mean, it’s not basic. And I think what’s amazing about the way we teach our classes at BEYOND, um, one what I found cause I was a client at the Dallas studio before, um, we talked to the woman who created it and we’re able to bring it up to Frisco. So, um, I loved that everything was set to music. It’s like a rhythm based Pilates class kind of like, I don’t know, soul cycle. Exactly. Even though we were in Dallas before SoulCycle was so credit to Brandy Marino for creating our concept. The classes fly by because of the music. And like, even if you’re in the worst of it, like, you know, you’re talking about those little work zones where like you’ve been doing something like one move for like 45 seconds and you feel like your arm or your leg is about to fall off and then you have that work zone coming and you’re like, well, if you take classes, you also know that’s kind of like your final cue of like, okay, I’ve got like 10 or 15 more seconds I can get through this. Like I’m not going to quit because we’re going to work zone. Then you’re also, you know, probably have a song that you can either sing along to, or just like help motivate you through class, along with the instructors. So that’s what makes us just fun. Yeah. Kelly (04:44): And you know, yeah, there’s some, there’s some pain, you know, getting through 15 seconds at a time of, you know, short term pain is easy to get past mentally. Um, and you mentioned the full body. I think that’s another part of it. So you’re in there for 45 minutes, but you’re not just going to like a legs class, which I have done, you know, done that at some gyms. And you’re not just going to just burn out arms and back or whatever you, you kind of, I don’t know if they do it in thirds. Right. But you know, there’s going to be arms maybe at the beginning and throughout or whatever, and then maybe switch to legs or different parts. So you kinda get through each piece and it hurts. You’re done with it. Move on to a larger, you know, different body section. So I love that to where you working everything the whole time, but you know, it’s still focused sort of in those chunks during the class. Right? Beth (05:35): Definitely. Yeah. And our format is like super intentional like that because there’s nothing worse for me than being in a class. And you’re like, what do you mean? We’re going back to legs. I thought we might, like, he didn’t even feel my leg anymore. I thought we were done with that. I don’t have any more to give you. So we try to like, you know, really like pull you on that journey through class. Cause it’s an experience. And then yet when you’re done, you move onto the next group. Check. Kelly (05:59): Yes. So now I do have to ask, you know, what, what does the COVID safe version of BEYOND look like? I hope that it’s not a longterm look and I hope that it’s not something that we even look back on this and go, Oh yeah, I hope it’s, um, it’s, it’s short term, but I know we’ve already been six months into this. And so I’m curious to hear what you’ve had to do as a business owner to shift into, you know, staying open now or I’m sure you closed, but tell me what that, what that happened, what that looked like and what it is like now. Beth (06:30): So the whole journey has been interesting. I don’t even know what to say. Um, we actually were talking right before we turned on filming. So we’re filming this in the middle of September. So six months ago we closed the studio and it feels like yesterday and it feels like a really long time ago. So I, um, fortunately, so I’m not, I own my own studio, but I’m not like one woman out on an Island. I talked to owners all over the country. And also, even some international owners. So through one of my business coaching groups, that’s all fitness studio owners. Um, we heard about this in January when it was happening in China. Um, and I was trying to like rattle the bells with some of the owners I talked to locally and across the country. And everyone was like head in the sand, like just Windex, just spray some Windex, you’ll be fine. And I’m like, guys, I think this is going to be a big deal here. So what happened is we came through March. If you remember the very first positive case of COVID was in Frisco, I’m the very first case in all of Dallas Fort worth. And I, when that happened, I was like to my management team, I was like, guys, get ready. We’re going to be closing soon. And we ended up closing on Sunday night, March 15th. We sent the email out and we only closed because we’ll one flatten the curve, that whole thing. But we really closed because at that point I had no idea what to do. Just like total transparency. I had no idea what to do. If a client got it. If an instructor got it, I had no idea how to prevent it or keep it from spreading. And so, um, we closed for 11 weeks and I went out and hired a consultant, um, who did work with a ton of Asian studios and was already kind of most of the way through it as their studios were starting to open again in early spring. And, um, she had worked with like doctors, scientists, immunologists, health hazard, OSHA, um, way beyond my expertise. And, um, we worked with her to craft a reopening plan that we felt like was safe. And we waited until we, I think governor Abbott let fitness studios open like March 18th and at, beyond we ended up waiting until June the first just to make sure we had really good systems in place because the most important thing to me as an owner, like I want my clients to be safe, but more than anything, I wanted my staff to feel comfortable and safe coming back. Um, and I know a ton of studios across the country lost a lot of their instructor talent because people did not feel comfortable coming back and I’m happy to say it BEYOND we had eight out of nine instructors come back, which was amazing. And the only person who did it yes, had lived with a high risk individual. And so like, it just wasn’t physically possible for her to come back Kelly (09:17): That says a lot about you as, you know, a team leader, taking the extra time to make sure everything is in place, um, per what your consultant said. That’s fantastic that you went out and got outside resources and information too. Okay. And so I’ve, you know, watched all your communications during all that. And so when you did come out, you kinda, you know, you came out really buttoned up and ready to go. And I mean, In addition to limiting the member number of people who can register and yes, Spacing these reformer tables out, like those are the big things I’m guessing what else? Beth (09:54): Yeah. So the big things on the back end. So for staff, um, they all get temperature checked when they come into the studio every day and they have to just stay up on, you know, answering all the good questions about, you know, do you have a sore throat? Have you been exposed to anyone? All those fun questions we all answer everywhere we go now. Um, so we really stay on top of them. They stay in full protective gear when they’re teaching. So they have gloves on. And as you saw in class, they teach with the face shields. Um, just because it just helps keep them safe. And they’re the ones that are the most exposed cause they’re there every day. Um, and then for clients what’s different when you come in versus, you know, back before, um, we used to have 12 reformers in our studio and they were not socially distanced six feet apart. So we put forward formers in storage. And so we now have eight in class now. So we’ve got smaller class sizes. You’re always at least six feet apart. And over at our little popups studio, we’re actually like eight to 10 feet apart cause we have a little more room in there. Um, so there’s tons of personal space and, um, gloves were mandatory when we opened and then we were able to replace our loops, used to be cloth. And the company that made our equipment came out with like very easy wiping, um, vinyl ones. So, you know, everything you touched can be right down easily. We deep clean four times a day now, um, on top of the athletic wives and really with bodies, the awesome thing is you come into the studio, you have your mask on, you can take it off once you get to your equipment when you’re safely apart from other people. And then you are only touching your equipment for that class. So you walk in, you know, that your equipment was sanitized, disinfected, completely cleaned since the last person was there and it will be completely cleaned disinfected after you leave before the next person comes in. Kelly (11:41): You don’t move around. You’re, you know, it’s not a situation where you’re moving from a bar to an app section, you know, section of the room or something like that. You’re removing, you know, rotating or, and I know that’s Pretty common in some types of gyms, you’re on your reformer and you’re just using it and it’s enough. You don’t need it. Isn’t that you don’t need to go anywhere else to get an awesome workout. Beth (12:03): And that’s how our classes have always been. So I feel like Pilates has just naturally, um, a good modality to be doing right now. And then you do get sweaty, but it’s not the huffing and puffing of running on a treadmill or rowing or doing that really high intensity like cardiovascular, because that is a concern right now. Just honestly, I have fun facts to share with you, which I just read this week. Yeah, not from our studio, but just for anyone out there, whether you’re interested in and BEYOND, or whether you’ve been nervous to go back to your own gym or your own studio. Um, the International Health and Racquet Association, they did a study over the summer and it was 2,700 gyms fitness studios in the United States that cumulatively had over 49 million visits from June to the end of August.And they found that the incident of COVID in all of those cases was 0.0023%. That’s so good. Well, yeah. So while the government has tried to like paint fitness as like an unsafe place to be right now, um, I think my advice is like, if you were going somewhere that does a really good job of cleaning and you feel good with their procedures and you see people in protective gear and you’re taking those precautions, like it’s unhealthier to not be working out. Kelly (13:22): Right. That’s what I was thinking. When you mentioned that stat, I’m thinking, well, yes, it, everything can be, um, I guess, dangerous too, but also the nature of an already healthy person going into stay healthy is part of the strong immune system that helps in fighting when you do get any strain of anything. Beth (13:44): Yes. And also like this we know is, you know, a disease, it’s a virus that is wreaking havoc on people who are obese, who have diabetes, who have heart conditions like, and all of that can get better with exercise. One of my favorite things that’s happened since we reopened, we had like a very, very loyal member who did like every single video workout we did together. Like while we were closed for 11 weeks and then she never came back to the studio and I was like, where is this person? Like, we need to call and check in on her. And she dodged our calls and didn’t answer our text messages. And then one day the studio door opens and she walks inside and we’re like, we’re so happy to see you, like what’s up. And she goes, I just drove here straight from my doctor’s office because I went in for my physical and he looked at me and he was like, what is wrong with you? Like all of your stats are worse than they were last year. And she goes, well, I haven’t been to Pilates since March. And he goes, why not? Because of COVID. And he was like, no, no, no, no, no. If that’s what you do when you love, like you need to be in there three times a week, like you were. And she drove straight from her doctor’s office to our studio, and turned her membership back on. Kelly (14:57): That’s awesome. See, she needs it. She needed it to be healthy. Beth (15:01): Yeah. But it was like, her blood pressure was higher. Her, her, uh, like everything was like, her weight was higher. Everything had gone the wrong direction. So when you started it around Kelly (15:10): Yeah. Your body reacts when you stop working out sometimes. Yes. Okay. So you mentioned a popup studio and you mentioned West Frisco. I just want to get a quick update. Um, is the popup studio or where is that? And is that Permanent thing or is this temporary until West Frisco happens? So give us the lowdown on the locations. Beth (15:29): Okay. So, um, for, for those listeners, long time listeners and fans, um, the last time I was on the podcast, we were super excited because we were about to open our cardio pilates format, um, in spring 2020. And, um, that came in, went right. Um, but we had signed a lease for an awesome location at fourth army in Lebanon. So, it’s kind of like, you know, halfway between like Starwood and the tribute. Um, so if you live near Phillips Creek Ranch or any of those places were come into your neighborhood soon and with COVID, we had to obviously pivot and pivot and pivot again. So what we had planned to be our bigger cardio studio with treadmills and some other equipment, um, I don’t feel safe opening right now because I don’t should be running indoors. And so what we are able to do is we are going to moving our reformer studio from Legacy and Lebanon, where we’ve been for three years to Lebanon and fourth army. So we’re literally going a mile West down the road, um, to where we have a much bigger studio, we’ll have a huge retail space in the lobby, which, um, we’re really known for our cute t-shirt, um, all of our cute workout gear that we stock and, um, we’ll have a bigger space for that, but we’ll also have room to put up to 14 reformers. So that’s two more than we’ve ever had, um, into the studio and keep them six feet apart permanently. So we’re just going to be social distance forever because we’ve also grown accustomed to having a little extra room and we like spreading out. So we are moving everything down there that will happen around holiday time. Um, we’re about to start construction any day now. And then our pop up studio, came as a necessity the summer because we reopened in all of our classes were wait-listed for like weeks. And that’s not a good experience when, um, you know, you have new clients who want to come in and try you out, or people who decided to return a couple of weeks late and it was really hard to get them into class. So, we hired and trained five amazing new instructors who as of next Monday, we’ll all be on the schedule. Um, and we’re super excited to welcome them to our family. So we have, I think we’re up to 12 instructors and our instructor team. And then, I went to my landlord and I was like, I’ve got some equipment, I need extra space, like, what can you do for me? And there was an empty location in our same shopping center. So in the Kroger shopping center at legacy and lebanon where we are, um, BEYOND Pilates, our reformer studio has big signage up in front of it. And then a couple doors down. There’s no signage because it’s temporary is our popup studio. So that’s where we have that kettlebell and Pilates teacher classes, the 30 minute format. So if you’ve got your kids at home with you this year, um, it’s we really wanted like an express class format where like it was down and dirty, get it done in 30 minutes. Um, so we were able to take the equipment from the cardio studio except not the treadmills and do this popup studio. We’ve been open since, um, I think the first week of August and we’ll be there until we open the new studio and then that equipment will move into our old studio and legacy and Lebanon, Kelly (18:43): Just shuffling the deck, moving everything around. Beth (18:45): Yeah. We’ve got some locations that are luckily really close together for our longtime members and, um, we’re doing the best we can in the pandemic. And then hopefully in the future, it will be safe to open our BEYOND 500 format. So we’re, we’re super excited to bring that to Frisco at some point. Kelly (19:01): Yeah, that is exciting. It’s exciting. All the different formats that you’re able to offer. And I caught wind of something the other day. I want to, um, let you tell us about an upcoming challenge. And I feel like, yeah, It has something to do with nutrition. So that’s something I didn’t know too much about with you guys. So tell me what this challenge is. Beth (19:19): I will so quickly run down. We were so fortunate that at the beginning of 2019, Lisa Nelson joined our family at BEYOND. And, um, Lisa is not only a well known, um, instructor in the area. She teaches Pilates at our studio, but she also is a certified fitness nutritionist. So that is someone who is able to come up with a personalized meal plan for you and prescribe not only a meal plan, but a workout plan that works together to build lean muscle mass and lose body fat. Um, and so she’s been working just one-on-one with nutrition clients, which is something we have that’s ongoing, for almost two years now and getting absolutely amazing results. I think she’s worked with like 50 or 60 clients. So this six week challenge starts October the fifth. And if you have not been to BEYOND before, or if you’re returning after a while, you can get unlimited classes and six weeks of nutrition coaching with Lisa, um, all for one discounted price. So it’s a great value and we have a limited by the time this airs, we may even be sold out, but we have a limited amount of spots because Lisa devotes so much one on one time to each of her nutrition clients. And I mean, I’ve done it with her. I, when we opened the studio, um, my son was two months old and a year later I had still quite not gotten back to where I wanted be. And, um, she whipped my butt in shape in like six weeks just working. I didn’t even, you know, usually it’s a four month program for outside clients, but, um, I mean within six weeks, like I was so happy with where she had gotten me and just the accountability of having to like come in every week and be like, here’s what I ate. I got my workouts in, I didn’t get my workouts in and she’s so good. Like we had a client at one point who traveled a ton for work. And she would literally come in with the, like the restaurant menus and be like, Lisa, I have to take clients out. And this is the restaurant they picked, what am I going to eat? And they would sit there and like make a plan so that she walked into that restaurant and like confident knowing like I’m going to get the salmon with no this and no that that’s on the side. That’s a really big tool tool to have in your tool belts and know the nutrition part of it. Well, yes, cause it really is like, it’s a lifestyle. So what we don’t want is a six week crush diet where everyone puts it back on by Christmas. Like we want to make healthy lifestyle changes. Kelly (21:48): And that sounds great. So by the time this does publish. If, if it’s full, they can still reach out to you guys at BEYOND Pilates and find out, you know, how to get in on the next one or how to go ahead and just jump in and do some trial classes and see if membership what membership is right for you and get the full, you know, BEYOND experience from you guys. Yeah. Well thank you for your time. I love the updates. Beth (22:14): Thank you, Kelly. Kelly (22:15): All the growth. That’s very exciting for you guys. So next time we have you on, you’re going to have like four locations up and running by then. Beth (22:21): I hope so.
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