18 minutes | Mar 11th 2020

A Look Back and a Look Forward with Ann Anderson

Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Google Play Podcast RSS Feed   In this week’s episode, Guest Host Nicole Barron is back in the studio with Ann Anderson of Anderson Insurance Agency to discuss a wide variety of topics related to insurance, raising a family in Frisco, and the many seasons of life. SHOW NOTES: [00:20] Introduction [01:15] What’s new with Ann and her family [03:10] When kids go off to college and insurance questions [05:00] Seasons of life [08:30] Before Anderson Insurance Agency began [10:35] What people may forget or don’t consider when it comes to insurance [13:15] How people can reach Ann LINKS & RESOURCES: Ann Anderson on Lifestyle Frisco Anderson Insurance Agency Website Ann Anderson Business Page Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn Connect with Lifestyle Frisco on:  YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Transcript Machine-generated. Welcome to the Frisco Podcast. I’m your guest host today. Nicole Barron, sitting with Ann Anderson of Anderson Insurance here in Frisco. Hi Ann. Hi. How are you Nicole? Good. It’s always a pleasure to see you. We got to do this together a year ago and at that time we had your lovely husband with us as well to chat and um, our relationship with you is so wonderful. You’re one of our favorite clients because you’re so fun to work with. You bring great content for us and the community adores you. Oh, thank you. Well, I love our community, so it makes it easy and it’s always been a great relationship with Lifestyle Frisco, so. Well thanks. I appreciate that. So you and I were chit chatting beforehand and trying to catch up personally a little bit and it was fun to talk about where your kiddos are now and how things have changed for your family in the last one, what would you say? 10 to 15 years. How long have you been here again? We just had 15 years. Yes. Years. So long. And we won’t, we won’t do the cliche. Oh, back when it was fields on La Hacienda Ranch, we’ll just breeze past that. Thank you. By the mall. Dirt roads. It’s been said. It’s been said. Um, so what is new with your family? How are things going? So I think a year ago our daughter was in college in North Carolina, but now she’s done a semester at Disney in an internship there with their college program, which was amazing. Also gave her some clarity and time to look back and think. So she’s moved home and is doing Collin for a semester. So our, our college junior is home, which is different dynamic. And our youngest is about to graduate from Frisco High School. So we’re um, he is very clear he’s going to go to Collin for a couple of years and then to Texas Tech. That’s been, he said that for years, uh, our, but now we’re looking at colleges again cause our junior needs to transfer, so to finish up somewhere. So we’re, we’re back at that kinda stage, but she’s, she’s very level headed and she has a much better idea of what she’s, where she wants to be. So good. We have such good options here. Do you do that? Play the parent card, like, you know, you could go to UNT and just the around the corner. Are you comfortable with them going off and being wherever they want to be? You know, she just did, you know, five, six months in Orlando without a car figuring it out. She only asked us for money once. She lived in an apartment with five other girls and have the most amazing time of her life. And I think she wants to go work for Disney for the rest of, for every forever. Right. She’s like a Disney fiend now. But um, so I don’t worry so as much, you know, um, we are, we are definitely looking at Texas colleges though she’s, she’s kind of put that like, I want to stay in Texas. It’s easier. It, you know, it’s not so far away. It’d be nice to kind of finish and then, and then we’ll see where life takes her. So, you know what, that’s a unique segue into what you do professionally and are so good at is insurance. And I have to wonder because I have little kids, we’re all very just living the Frisco life. Haven’t had to give thought to like the future future quite yet. From an insurance perspective, when you’re sending kids off to college in state, out of state, what do you have to think about? What are the, I mean that’s a giant question. It’s a huge question, you know, and I will tell you that, you know, we have attorney friends there. Of course, there’s so many things that they, they remind us of, you know, make sure you have a powers of attorney you have, there’s a number of legal documents when our kids turn 18 they immediately are not our children anymore. They’re adults in their own right. And so there’s a lot of legalities around that and being able to even just have access when you go. Okay. The first rude awakening was at the college when we went to, it was called one-stop and that’s where kind of the offices are. And you just went in and we wanted to find out some information about paying. We knew we wanted to pay them and they were like, we’re sorry. Do you have the code that your student would have given you to access her account? I was like, I want to give you money. I kid, she’s my kid. But those are real things and I, and I, I really understand the reasons for it. So, um, so yeah, even in insurance then we think about, well we need to make sure that, you know, she set up with insurance for her dorm room, that she has renter’s insurance. We want to make sure she has the right, you know, we’ve indicated her correctly on our car policy. Like she didn’t go to college with the car. So we, we made that distinction on our car insurance, just all the little things to make sure that, you know, she’s set up right. And of course, you know, at some point we’ll actually put her on her own and she’ll have her own insurance policy. So we have to kind of, we definitely want to set her up for success in that regard as well. So how, I mean, so many things I’ll just have to keep in touch and, and salary advice. Um, so I mean, you were, we, again, we were sharing before we hit record today about seasons of life and you were kinda talking about, um, how dramatically things change. Um, what was, you know, sort of the dynamic of your life. Let’s just say 15 years ago when you came to Frisco, you had littles. Yes. So what were you doing? What was your day to day like? Yeah, 15 years ago we were, I mean, it was Christmas season to believe it or not, we moved over the Christmas break. Corinne was in, Corinne was in first grade. Harold was in, um, not even, he was three years old. Um, and we were, you know, moving our whole, our whole family. Uh, it was my work that brought us here. So, um, if you can imagine, we were trying to figure out where we want it to live. We, we knew wherever we lived would be where we lived forever. My husband was adamant, you know, Thor grew up in the same house his entire life in Bismarck, North Dakota. So he’s, you know, I was a military child, so we just kind of moved all the time. I thought that was normal. And he’s like, no, I want the kids to have the same school district. I don’t want to hop around the metroplex. So, you know, we just sort landed in Frisco, which were, we feel really thankful for to be honest. Um, but yeah, I mean 15 years ago I wasn’t thinking about college and, and where we are today. And I was really worried about, you know, Corinne was wanting to get into Corrine. I think Corinne did girl Scouts, but I forgot what it’s called when daisies, man, I think so. I haven’t gone there yet. I mean, it was doing, it was all of those things. And of course, after we moved here, um, that’s when Harold was, you know, we realized Harold had some needs and some sensory dis, you know, um, some challenges that were going to be unique to him. And so, um, those all became apparent. So we were even more thankful to be in Frisco, to be honest, because the special education department here is, is the best. It is absolutely the best and constantly growing and changing to, um, to meet the needs of the students. So, um, yeah, I, I will tell you, yeah, I can’t even wait. But yeah, the seasons change, right? We go from um, worrying about the little littles and all the things like are they doing soccer, are they doing lacrosse? Are they, you know, what are the sports they’re going to choose or not choose. And then moving to, you know, middle school, high school, you know, all the steps and like we were talking now, um, we have the 21 year old junior in college that moved home, which changed, changed the dynamic a little bit. We have the graduating senior who could be happier than his sister, his home. I mean, eh, and you know, my dad comes in the winter and stays with us for about three months cause it’s warmer here. So we have dad here too. We’re truly the multi generational family. So, but it’s really nice. And, you know, I wouldn’t change any of it to be honest. It, you know, it all presents its own struggles and its own challenges. But, um, this is our life and our story and we love it. So that’s so nice. And it’s, you know, now you’ve got the office space and that you, when was that? About a year ago. Two years ago. It’ll be three years in July. Yeah. Two and a half years. [inaudible] no, that’s awesome. And it’s amazing though, because I bet back then when you had the little ones, you probably couldn’t have imagined that you’d be, you know, in the seat that you are now the successful business, but community involvement at the level that you have it and the investments that you’ve made have brought that. But, um, so then I h
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