26 minutes | Dec 24th 2020

Got my Zoom Eyebrows On

We found the only people on Earth who are consistently, meticulously getting ready for Zoom calls, and they are driving this week’s asker a little bonkers. Let us discuss this rare species and how to handle it when your friends look so perfect that it’s starting to give you feelings. Also covered: Chris Evans’ useless muscles, the deep satisfaction of a warm bowl of oatmeal, and how greasy and filthy we are, in detail. CWs: Lots of body issues, grooming, gender presentation, and hot people discussed in this one! Trin talks about her gender presentation a whole bunch at 14m04s until about 15m25s - ish, and we keep talking about makeup and stuff after that until pretty much the end.  Probably don’t google “Foul Bachelor Frog” if you can help it. Only about half of them still hold up.  Masturbation mentions: 22m26s and 23m07s. Light death mention around 23m17s. Mentioned in this episode:  Hyperchicken and Henry Birdeye’s Mostly Pants Tasteful Photos of Nude Olympians on ESPN
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