39 minutes | Dec 31st 2020

A Pooper Situation

My roommate films the whole damn apartment when he’s on Discord. Is it normal to have Good-Smelling Room Spray in your bathroom? Cohabitation in the Age of COVID is tricky, but we’ve got special guest co-host Billie Bullock to help sort us out!
  • Poop is all over the first question. Skip to 24m15s if that’s not your thing. 
  • We go real hard on poop at 11m10s
  • Brief death mention at 11m17
  • Brief dong mention at 34m20ish
A special note: Trin would like to acknowledge that there was indeed a time they bought the vegan propaganda of “vegetarian poops smell less bad.” Also, Trin apologizes for her terrible mic etiquette throughout.
Learn more about Billie here. Check out their monthly online comedy show Congrats on your Success right here.
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