35 minutes | Apr 30, 2021

7,000 hours walking shelter dogs! (Becky Johnson interview)

Ask animal shelter staffers what they are most thankful for and they probably won’t hesitate before they say “our volunteers.” Typically understaffed, many shelters depend on a roster of dedicated, animal-loving helpers to exercise, train and socialize the many dogs in their care. As Volunteer Appreciation Month wraps up, this episode of the Friends With Dogs Podcast features a shelter volunteer spotlight. While there are plenty of ways to volunteer at your local animal shelter, this week we talk with Becky Johnson, who found a specific niche helping out at her local shelter. And over the years, she has put in nearly 7,000 hours walking dogs! Tune in to find out why volunteering is her passion, how it benefits the dogs, and how she has turned volunteer work into a family activity. To Becky and all the other volunteers who help out at local animal shelters, thank you!
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