76 minutes | Aug 31st 2020

In Session with “Silver Linings Playbook”

Excelsior! You voted. We listened. Join us as Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran put Silver Linings Playbook on the couch this week. (Just don’t sit in Pat’s dad’s favorite spot or you’ll mess up the juju.)

This week, the doctors discuss the critically acclaimed 2012 film, Silver Linings Playbook, which bravely explores mental health through the outstanding performances of Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro.

With so much to cover, the doctors focus their attention on one of the most often portrayed but frequently misunderstood diagnoses—bipolar disorder. As Pat (Bradley Cooper) returns home from an eight-months stay in psychiatric hospital, he attempts to win back his ex-wife while moving in with his parents and coping with this new diagnosis. But does Cooper’s portrayal conform to what we might expect for someone with bipolar disorder? We play Diagnosis Bingo to find out.

Plus, what do we make of Dr. Patel’s approach to treating Pat? And will Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran approve of going shirtless and body painted to a Philadelphia Eagles tailgate with your patient? Let’s just say I wouldn’t bet your restaurant on it.

If we’re reading the signs, you’re going to love this episode. So put down that Ernest Hemingway novel and plug in your headphones. Let’s dance.