44 minutes | Mar 25, 2019

WYTAYBA-Secrets To Using the Power of Your Mind to Live the Financial Life of Your Dreams-With Blaine Oelkers

Can you really change your life just by changing the way that you think? That’s what today’s guest is here to discuss. Blaine Oelkers is an entrepreneur who’s run a variety of profitable businesses over the past 25 years, including a consulting firm, a pizza franchise, four health and wellness business, and a personal development company. He’s also begun to social enterprises that use a business model rather than a charity model in order to help end malnutrition.  Blaine has a passion for helping people find their hidden abilities that will allow them to lead the life that they desire, design, and deserve. He’s committed to getting results and has trademarked the title, Chief Results Officer. Listen to the episode to hear what Blain has to say about social enterprises, how to study the book Think and Grow Rich, and how to achieve the $10,000 hour.  Topics Discussed in This Episode:  How Blaine’s two social enterprises got started How social enterprise works How a passion for a project helps drive results The first step toward getting the financial life that you want The lost pages of the original Think and Grow Rich A technique to help people discover their true desires How to get past the day-to-day struggle and think bigger What WYTAYBA means How to dilute head trash The $10,000 hour Where listeners can learn more about Blaine Oelkers  Links and Resources:  Blaine Oelkers My 10k Hour Forced Clarity Quotes by Blaine:  “If you’re listening to this and you own a business, there’s probably a way for you to incorporate some type of social giving or social give-back to the community.”  “Your thoughts actually create your life, and your consistent thoughts, right, what you tell yourself, that’s what really makes all the difference.”  “When you start to work on yourself, all the stuff gets better.”
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