39 minutes | Sep 16th 2020

No Need to Settle - Hilary Lashley Renison '05, MEng '07, MBA '09

Hilary Lashley Renison '05, MEng '07, MBA '09 knows resiliency. Though she was one of three African American women in engineering during undergrad, she stayed at Cornell for almost a decade pursuing a bachelor’s, masters in engineering, and an MBA. Yep, that makes her a triple red! Now at the top of her game at General Electric and founder of her own company Tinker and Fiddle—promoting STEM education for K-12 students—prepare to be inspired.  As we all grapple with the new normal of 2020, Renison says, “Don’t be afraid of change, lean into it.”

Hosted by Madeline Dubelier '20.
Created and produced by Amanda Massa.
Music by Kia Albertson-Rogers '13, koa3@cornell.edu.
Artwork by Chris Kelly.

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