56 minutes | Aug 18th 2015

Sarahjoy Marsh - Yoga for Food Addiction

We’ve all at least tried yoga before, but Sarahjoy Marsh, has been doing yoga therapy before yoga was ever a “thing”. In this interview, she enlightens us to the power of yoga therapy for food addiction, stress eating, and disordered eating. I’m pretty sure, I’m going to need to listen to this episode more than once to soak in all the value content Sarahjoy’s gifted us with… such as a live breathing exercise which she calls “Breathing Intervention” to use a tool for strong food cravings. Show Notes Listen to her Breathing Intervention exercise based on science for emotional + stress eating Her story from Art Student to Yoga Therapy Discover how to navigate food emotions in a way that doesn’t elicit food shame How to use yoga as recovery from pain + (food) addiction Lane’s Links: Website Facebook Twitter Links Mentioned: Book – Hunger, Hope, & Healing
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