50 minutes | Jun 24th 2018

172: What Is Your Contract Missing | Abbey Woodcock

Breaking out of the corporate world could be one of the best career decisions you ever make. Once you make that freelance transformation, you can start making your own schedule and picking your own clients. But what happens when you need to write a contract? Or when tax season rolls around? Abbey Woodcock is a copywriter and freelancer coach who has learned first-hand from her own business mistakes. In the beginning, Abbey focused more on her craft than her business, and it ended up costing her thousands of dollars. Abbey shares why project management, legal protection, and financial planning should be some of the most important aspects of running your own freelance business. So if you’re having a hard time navigating the professional morass of running your own freelance business, then this episode is for you! https://freelancetransformation.com/episode172
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