48 minutes | Jun 3rd 2018

169: Breaking Out of Banking to Become a Coach | Merideth Bisiker

Working for yourself isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. Our guest today left her career of over twenty years to start her own business. It was always something Merideth Bisiker wanted to do, and being there for her family finally inspired her to do it. Less than a year ago, Merideth left her full-time job to become Merideth the Money Coach. She helps clients with money management techniques and helps them recover from financial crisis. She’s on Freelance Transformation today to talk about the work-life balance that is sometimes hard to manage when working for yourself. And she shares how you can pull off the transition from full-time to self-employment and how she balances her career in order to be there for her family. https://freelancetransformation.com/episode169
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