47 minutes | Apr 22nd 2018

163: Consult for Corporate Clients | Henrik Becker

On this episode of the Freelance Transformation Podcast, we get to talk about what it’s like to sell to and work with corporate clients. And when we say corporate clients, that typically means companies that are bigger than what we’d normally consider a small business. They have proper departments, multiple shareholders, and tens, hundreds or thousands of employees. Companies where you’re dealing with multiple stakeholders involved in decisions. And of course, usually bigger budgets. To speak to this topic is Henrik Becker. Henrik is a marketing automation consultant that very quickly realized that corporate clients are a much better fit for his services than smaller businesses, so he has focused on serving them. On this episode, we will discuss how he found his corporate clients, the reasons why he focuses on this group and some of the strategies around how to successfully work on contracts in the corporate environment. https://freelancetransformation.com/episode163
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