36 minutes | Jun 1st 2020

COVID-19 Special Episode 4: In the Halls of Congress (w/ Congressman Steny Hoyer)

In this new episode of our Freedom Writers Podcast COVID-19 mini-series, listeners will be inspired by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. During the COVID-19 crisis, Congressman Hoyer and his colleagues on Capitol Hill are working hard to protect everyone from this terrible disease. Congressman Hoyer takes us back to his early life to explain his path to becoming an influential public policymaker. He shares how he turned his pain into purpose after the death of his wife, a fellow teacher named Judy, by creating Judith P. Hoyer Early Childhood Centers to serve low-income communities across Maryland. As this pandemic persists, we hope that Steny's stories of virtue will leave you feeling enlightened and empowered to make a difference.
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