65 minutes | Mar 23rd 2020

#49 Esther Wojcicki: TRICKs for Raising Successful People

On this episode, Erin speaks with an extraordinary mother, a prolific author, and award winning educator Esther Wojcicki. With the release of her acclaimed second book, How to Raise Successful People, Esther parallels her parenting skills from her home with her teaching tactics from her classroom. This award winning Journalism teacher and former California Teacher of the Year, has good reason to write about raising and teaching successful people. Listen to this enlightening episode to get some insight as to why. Following that conversation, you’ll hear from original Freedom Writer, Latilla Cain who, like many of Esther’s students, benefitted from the trust and responsibility afforded to her in Erin's classroom. With her newfound independence, Latilla was able to shape her future and become a masterful mentor, and mother. Show Notes: Moonshots in Education: https://amzn.to/2JauLPY How to Raise Successful People: https://amzn.to/39dQOQd The Woj Way: https://bit.ly/398cltH
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